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Wow! A digital nomad with a big family. Amazing!

Hi Doug, my questions are entirely non technical :D

How do you and your family fare with moving around? How often do you pack up? Europe is pretty big so there's plenty of places and countries to explore. Any favorites so far? Favorites in general and more apt to a "digital nomad family" :-)

I read you're in France right now, nice!

Sorry, I'm very fascinated by the digital nomad lifestyle :-)


On this trip we brought the dog too!! Max is an 11 year old Golden Retriever. On the first year, we went a bit frenetic - 67 different AirBnbs in 1 year.. often less than a week per city. But that was too much, so we have slowed down- and are doing around a week minimum per stop. We just did 4 months in Ireland (1 month in West Cork, and 3 in Dublin - with a few shorter road trips interspersed.). We just took the driving route to France - long days in the car... but now will be doing week or more stops.

We try to minimize our "stuff" but I also think you fill your space - we did only suitcases and trains/planes for years, but we just bought a van... and now that is chock full :)


There's a joke about how I'm not actually in Nice, France here somewhere :)

I am amazed at how much of my high school french (many many years ago), is coming back.

my kids love the joke about one-two-three cat and un-deux-trois cat swimming the english channel.

Of course one-two-three made it.. but unfortunately un-deux-trois quatre cinq.


Truly amazing! I think the stuff we all accumulate staying years in the same place is more than the space in your van :-)

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