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You don't have to be sorry Christopher, finding a job can be tough!

@michaelgv here was looking for developers:

What about joining local dev communities and conferences? You probably need to expand your network. The first people you think about for a referral are people you already know or you ask someone you know if they know someone, that's one of the fundamental laws of the universe (and it's definitely fallible but that's a story for another day).

Also, build something. Who cares if it's not original. I think one of my first web apps I built was a blog, nobody needed a blog, myself included, but I learned stuff. Don't confine yourself to scripts or to the idea that if it's not original it's not worth doing because you'll never start otherwise.

And yes, keep trying!

Good luck!


Web Dev, outside of applets was never something I was very good at but I'll give it a shot.


Well, it was just an idea, programming is not just web dev. Python for example is very strong in data analysis and machine learning communities


I almost forgot: see if you can contribute to an open source project.

A few resources:

  • CodeTriage you can choose projects in need filtered by language. Spend sometimes checking the issues out, some projects indicate the level of difficulty, some don't unfortunately.

  • GitHub new contributors showcase: as they say in the subtitle... these projects have a history and reputation for being welcoming to new open source contributors.

  • The evergreen opensource guide

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