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How Digital Marketing Can be the savior for your business

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Corona Virus or COVID -19 has become the biggest threat to the entire world. After being detected firstly in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the virus has spread rapidly over different countries of the world including Italy, Iran, South Korea, Asian countries and even European countries like France, Germany & Spain so far.

According to WHO report more than 200,000 new cases were detected dally and the more than 1 crore 50 Lacs infections have been reported in the mainland so far. To control the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government authorities of the affected countries has taken immediate actions and locked down cities, suspended business operations, restricted movement of millions.

Corona Virus has adversely affected every industry whether it is a finance sector, real estate sector, e-commerce platform. IT sector etc. The market has completely slowed down across the world. Increased death rate of infected people led many business owners to shut down their shutters. Even the businesses which are operating from their home are struggling at their own pace for their survival in the market.

IT’s Not the End of Your Good Time

No one was prepared for this economic crisis. It has brought every business owner at the back-foot. But, this is not the time to just sit back at home and think about the economic consequences you’ve faced till yet. This is an ideal time to strategize what you’ve to do next to recover from the down-turn as early as they can when the locked- down period will end. We’ve recently learnt this from China who started taking initial steps to recover from the economic down-turns.

Both the situations remind me of stories from Avenger’s Infinity War and Avenger End Game. In Infinity War, Thanos destroyed half of the mankind with a snap, similarly in present scenario we can realize the Corona Virus ( as a Thanos Snap) which has impacted us physiologically, mentally and financially. As we’ve seen in the Avenger End Game, how the Superheroes fought with the hope to bring back the conditions at the normal level. The same zest was shown by the Chinese people recently and passed a positive message to the entire world “ When there is a will, there is a way”

As a marketer, I clearly understand what happens when the market shut down immediately but I also think that everyone is capable to handle such situations and turn negative into positives. The only thing they need is to strategize the right thing and wait for the right time to implement the same.

How You Can Make It an Ideal Time for Your Business Growth?

COVID-19 has adversely affected everyone. With the learning from China, we should utilize the time to revise our business model. This condition has raised a great opportunity for business owners to analyze their competitors and find answers of the following questions:

  • Why your competitor is ranking for a respective query?
  • What are their USP’s and how your business model is different from them?
  • What else you can give to attract your target audience
  • What are the missing elements in your website?

How Digital Marketing Can Help You to Recover from this Down-Fall?

With the intention of helping you to stay ahead of your competitors when the conditions will become normal, here are some digital marketing solutions which impact sound useful for you:

Improving Your Website Performance – If your website is not acquiring qualified traffic and generating maximum leads then definitely there might be some drawbacks in user experience of your website.

You should analyze performance of each elements included on your website whether it is related to technical glitches, website content, UI/UX provided by your website, structure of your website etc. You should try to under the user behavior.

You should hire a white label digital marketing agency who can thorough review each element of your website and suggest recommendation to enhance the website performance so that you could also acquire positive outcomes like your competitor when the market re-open after the lock-down period.

Boost your online presence - In last couple of months; we’ve seen a drastic downfall in number of search queries related to all types of industries. You can consider this as a golden opportunity to optimize your website pages as per the search engine guidelines. If you didn’t possess technical expertise, ask your marketing team to work on basic SEO factors and optimize every single service offered by you with a motto of satisfying the visitor’s intent.

Creating awareness through Marketing Campaign : It sounds little confusing at this situation, but if you run digital marketing campaign to capture attention of your target audience, it will definitely work good results for your business. Everyone is now active on social media network after the lock-down announcement. If possible, you could run an awareness campaign on social channels like Facebook, instagram, Linkedin etc about the service offered by you. Again professional digital marketing geeks can strategize the best campaign for your business in this situation.

Want to start a digital marketing career: Here is how?

Digital Marketing has a wide scope for the young digital guys. If you want to become a digital marketer then first you’ve to identify the right institute for the best digital marketing . Here are some points that you might take into consideration while choosing a digital marketing institute for your business:

1. Check their review and ratings given by their customers.

2. Check the ability of trainer, go for a demo class with your trainer and ask as many queries to him in order to judge his capability

3. If you’re learning digital marketing for your business development only then first explain your trainer about your business model, explain what you need from them and ask recommendation. Don’t forget to ask for a detailed strategy that will work to meet your business objectives.

4. Ask queries and what makes them different from other institutes offering the digital marketing courses.


COVID-19 has brought troublesome situations for every sector but the conditions will positive soon. This is the time to keep you positive as much as you can & prepare yourself for the better outcome. With the learning from the past, start working on present to ensure the bright future.

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