Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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Rodrigo Nonose

(Not all from the same company)

  • It was strictly FORBIDDEN to push a branch into the repo (we used git)
  • Every month, commits were "frozen" so the "release team" could make a stable release:
    • That meant up to two days of not being able to make a commit on the repo
    • It was a single code base for the entire company (+40 devs)
  • We had to deploy to production outside of business hours = mandatory weekly unpaid overtime
  • Company owner "didn't believe in automated testing"
  • Company owner took several vacations during the year. We summed up once and it was around 3+ months/year
  • We used raspberry-pi's like devices with a mouse/monitor/keyboard that connected to a remote shared machine to "save resources". Worse work setup ever
  • We were not allowed to eat lunch at the workplace, not in the kitchen, not anywhere else
  • Tasks/Issues were stored in four different places (google docs, jira, mantis and proprietary internal software)
  • Releases were stored in SVN, in a single repo. Cloning it took half a day
  • A "software architect" made reservations for a meeting room for the next 6 months, all day every day, because he was "going to need to have it always ready for him"
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Wow it looks like hell.