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re: JReply (BETA) v0.0.4 release VIEW POST

re: Have you thought about hosting this project on GitHub? That would make it easier to see what your library is all about, as well as look through th...

GitHub technically doesn't allow anyone under the age of 13 -- so be careful with that.

That all stated, congrats on this project 👏. I wish these kinds of collaboration sites were around when I was 12!


Ah, yikes - no points for critical reading on my part thank you for pointing that out.

Well, not everyone is perfect. To be honest I had a GitHub account before I had a account, I just let the GitHub account sit until the day it wakes up...
And again, don't act sorry for a simple mistake, we all make them!


Thank you for the congratulations. And I hope you can contribute to the project! I don't care about age restrictions, purely because of the fact anyone of any age of any demographic should be able to share info and do programming in a similar fashion to me. I am here to show why I care more about doing projects then restrictions. And hopefully you can be on team JReply.

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