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re: Sounds like a lot more of 2018 to me. React sure does enjoy a lot of hype, but according to one recruiter I recently spoke to React only accounts ...

Because I can do SSR with React. Single codebase for both backend and frontend.


You can SSR Web Components too and still retain isomorphic JavaScript, hell you could use TypeScript on the front end and back end too.

My use of React is because of two things:

  • React Hooks for logic.
  • React Suspense for data fetching.

How do Web Components support these patterns ?

This isn’t a referendum against your use of React. Use whatever library suits the project but be aware JavaScript libraries come and go but W3C spec tends to stick around. Div still going strong after all these years!

But to answer your questions, Custom Elements still have lifecycle hooks and well fetch API is available in evergreen browsers.

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