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c# just the Right amount

this is not a tutorial on c# there are many already.

along my journey learning c# i used to write everything that is critical so that whenever i take a vacation or simply forget how something works, i dont have to go through the tutorial one more time, i just need the right amount of information to remember what i learned and i'll remember the rest automatically.

just remember how many times you had to remember where did the wierd syntax for lambda expression came from, in time you tend to forget such things when you dont practice them and so i dont give you the tutorial, i just give that critical information, just the right amount to remember that lambda expression came from anynomous methods with a simple example

it is usefull from beginners to advanced, from the diffrence between an argument and a parameter to advanced concepts about the clr.

i used emacs org mode to make it prettier and i created this file :

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