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What code editor should I use on 2GB of RAM?

I've been recently forced to code on a low-end laptop. At first, my old laptop had 8GB of RAM, then broke so I had to use another one which the RAM went divided by two, it broke yet again so had to use another laptop also dividing it's RAM by 2. So pretty much, I'm stuck with 2GB of RAM. And I gotta code. I'm tired of using gVim and Notepad, so what should I use?

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Joshua Dale


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Saif Bechan • Edited on

Have you tried Sublime or Atom? They are both pretty good and lightweight. I have used Atom in the past. They have a huge amount of customization options.


One more option would be to use an online coding environment in the browser. I think there are a good amount of paid and free options available.