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Launching Reshuffle: the place to share and find live open source code in seconds

ashevat profile image Amir Shevat ・2 min read

Today we are launching reshuffle.com. Our goal is to make developers more productive and creative. We’re starting by tackling the pain of building and sharing fullstack apps. Building fullstack apps takes countless hours or even days of non-creative work, such as configuring servers and databases, dealing with security and writing boilerplate code. It doesn't have to be so hard.

Turn React projects into fullstack apps

Reshuffle takes the Create React App experience we all love, and extends it to the backend. Add backend code directly to your projects, and let us take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes:

  • Never think about servers or databases - we seamlessly provision and autoscale resources for your app.
  • Easy deployment - deploy and update your cloud app in seconds using a single command.
  • No more HTTP - call backend code as plain JavaScript functions.
  • Simple data APIs - access your database almost as easily as using your browser's local storage.

With Reshuffle you can develop in your local environment and effortlessly deploy and run your app in a managed cloud environment. An open source environment that you can run on your own servers is coming soon. Our APIs are compatible across these three environments, so your app works the same anywhere.

Start from a live template

Reshuffle projects start from live templates. With a single click, you can run any template in your own private sandbox, and figure out if it's right for you. Click again to "Remix" the template into your own app, download the code and start building.Within seconds you have a new app, already configured and running on the cloud. This is much faster than the hours (or sometimes days) it could take to find the right code on GitHub and get it deployed and running. This is possible because Reshuffle apps include everything they need in order to run: frontend, backend and data.

Join our community

We completely reimagine the way developers share and reuse code. You can share your apps as templates to help other developers. We are super excited to see the beginnings of a great community forming around these new ideas.Live templates are only the beginning. In the near future, we will enable developers to share any open source software as templates or services. We envision a future where apps are built out of live services. Such apps would be faster and more fun to build.

What's next?

Today we are taking our first steps towards a faster and better way to build apps. We are starting with React, and plan to expand to other frameworks and platforms. We are starting with live templates and working towards live components.We are an inclusive community, and welcome all developers - beginners and experienced alike. We're always available on discord for your questions, feedback and ideas. Join us at reshuffle.com and start building your app today. We can't wait to see what you build!

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I build developer platforms. I have done so at Microsoft, Google, Slack, and Amazon and now my own at shiftjs.com


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Kudos for coming up with this innovative concept, which I'm sure caters to a pretty widespread need. I've starred & retweeted this and definitely want to check it out, sounds potentially very useful!