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Announcing Reshuffle Custom Domains

taillogs profile image Ryland G Originally published at blog.reshuffle.com ・1 min read

Hello Reshufflers!

Today we are excited to announce support for custom domains.

“Bring Your Own Domain” has been one of the most requested features since the launch of Reshuffle. We are thrilled to deliver on that request!

You can now assign domains and subdomains to Reshuffle apps, enabling your users to access your apps using your brand. To add a custom domain, simply navigate to the Reshuffle app dashboard (My apps -> click on your app) and follow the wizard to add your domain. We also added detailed instructions (including those for popular registrars) to our docs. Reshuffle domains are HTTPS enabled by default, no need to worry about provisioning certificates.

We love feedback. Join us on Discord so you can tell us what you found great (and not so great) about this newest addition to Reshuffle.

We can't wait to see what you build!

The Reshuffle Team

Try out custom domains on Reshuffle

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