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Respectfully, I disagree with your table.

Fedora's installer is as easy as it gets to install the distro. Also, the community is developers first. I don't understand why would you catalog it as a medium expertise distro. There is, hardly, a better distro for developers, not to mention the awesome and knowledgeable community surrounding it.

CentOS, on the other hand, is a binary copy - branding from Red Hat Enterprise Linux; which is downstream from Fedora. It's a bit older and considered stable. Why would you catalogue it as a high expertise distro? It makes no sense to me. Try Gentoo or Arch for that matter. That said, nothing helps you grow in knowledge as using one of the aforementioned, IMHO.

I think your article is misleading and uninformed. Please, do the homework before writing something to "guide" other users. :S


Well you're entitled to your own opinion. The table is based on my personal experience with the distros listed over a long period of time (ranging roughly 5 years give or take). Yes some information has a little of because obviously things change with time and Linux changes a lot, the information found is what I found and had personally written down, hence why I've been making small edits in places where I was wrong. I'm not sure what you're on about with Fedoras installer though? I didn't mention that it was hard to install, that was only on Arch. While Arch is a pain to install there has been a few new solutions released recently to help with the process. As for CentOS while I liked the OS I had a lot of issue working with it, and speaking with colleagues that have used Cent for a much longer period than I have they had similar and other issues either previously or currently. The table is there to give people an idea of my mind set when I decided to fully switch from Windows, and it's just my personal opinions. Hence why I linked another resource to assist in choosing a distro.

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