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agree on this! software development should be neutral.
it's not that we don't care with what's happening right now but there should be fine line between politics and programming and each should have a separate space of discussion.


I agree, software development should be neutral, it's just kind of not:



I can probably find more resources, but generally we should acknowledge there isn't a lot of neutrality at the moment.


Interesting find, I think this is worth of a debate, I didn't know there are articles tackling this kind of issue up until now.

But now you have mentioned this, I also did my own research and I also have my own opinion on this:

I don't think there was a bias in software development in the first place or it was NEVER intentional.
If I'm going to ask you as a developer, have you already thought about the future problems that your code will cause (technically and socially)? unless it's part of the scope then you can make test cases about it to make sure your code will be able to handle that kind of scenario. Otherwise I don't think so.

We developers are bias at our own work that our main focus is to make the app work in accordance to what our goal is. But that's why you also get feedback from QA/Tester and your users to fix the issue, is that our usual routine? (we develop, get feedback, fix and repeat)? and regarding with the bias in AIs you've shared earlier, my opinion is rather than talking about it as a BIG DEAL why can't we just collaborate and fix the issue?

We need to be aware that AIs & Face recognition programs are still young (even if they have already existed for the couple of years now) and dependent on what data is being fed to them so I don't think anyone has the final say that they are biased.

Because in software development when we solve things there will always be the next unknown questions/problems that is yet to be solved. Which you can say our current situation right now.

That's why my opinion on this issue is just politically driven and history taught that.

Because in the end, no one is born hating one another, it's the people around us who taught us to hate.
For me rather than being a person driven by the opinion of others, I'd rather try to understand the issue and what I can do about it.

In my opinion, right now we are paying the price of the decisions of our ancestors who were selfish and never thought of the future. For me the logical way to do it is never teach the hate to our young generations, instead we should teach them to be kind and selfless as to not make the same mistakes that we are doing now and I think that's the only way to move forward (unless you want to solve conflicts with blood to sacrifice which I don't think everyone wants that).

Here are some good articles that I've read (this is not much but I'm pretty sure we can always find a lot of research in the internet now a days):

So I genuinely believe that due to the evolving nature of society becoming more integrated with technology we should think about the future problems that our code will cause technically and socially. What we are talking about it how me morally use software, building software that lasts requires foresight already, we likely need to widen the scope of that foresight to application issues.

When you say "right now we are paying the price of the decisions of our ancestors who were selfish and never thought of the future" I certainly agree, a lesson we can learn is about being more considerate when it comes to thinking of the future. That starts with our culture as developers, renaming master isn't a big deal but it shows we are willing to correct mistakes of old :)

haha. I think renaming master is just kind of over-exaggerated issue to be fixed.
as I've said on my first post, there should be fine line between politics and software development and thus software development should remain neutral.

Because for us developer we understand master as the main/primary source code and we never have intended to connect it with politics. And we are already accustomed to it, So I don't think renaming it will solve anything unless you want to give headache to all developers.

I am saying that software development isn't actually neutral, and this is actually quite true by and large. Also yes as developers we have one meaning, and as humans we can understand the meaning in other ways. It really isn't that complicated. The term just is isn't neutral to all developers. Renaming it at least an acknowledgement of how language is important.

I see. I think I also get your point.
Yeah, sure why not, if the industry practice changed it then we will just follow.

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