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Discussion on: What resources would you recommend to learn Perl?

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Renato Cordeiro Ferreira

If you enjoy learning by books, check O'Reilly's Learning Perl. As all O'Relly's "Learning X" books, it's an entry-level reading but quite good to get the basics of the language. I learned Perl with this book.

Then take a look at Programming Perl aka "The Camel Book" by Tom Christiansen and Larry Wall (Perl's creator). This book is a comprehensive documentation of the language. I remember it has an excellent chapter about regular expressions, one of Perl's nicest features.

Since you know how to code and have already made some tutorials, I recommend scanning Learning Perl to see if there are any missing pieces. Then use Programming Perl as a reference for the parts you have doubts or need to dive deeper.

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Omar AlSabek Author

Thanks for sharing!