re: What’s the most frustrating thing about the process of looking for work or interviewing? VIEW POST


Not having feedback about your interview or when you send your resumé and the company doesn't say anything, not even a rejection.

I'm aware that some companies receive hundreds of applications and can't answer all of them, but it is frustrating nonetheless.


Yes! A company should always respect that you gave your time, and the nerves it takes to show up for an interview. These can be nerve-wracking, and that should be appreciated.


Agreed. It's almost impossible to know how to improve or make oneself more hire-able without that knowledge. I provide it to many applicants at MousePaw Media, but I've seldom received it from any company I've applied to.


Same experience. I've hired for open positions myself as CTO of a small startup and I make sure to always give honest and open feedback so that candidates know why I don't think they fit the position. I don't like it myself when I'm left to wonder why I wasn't selected for a position.

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