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Discussion on: Have you ever been tasked to work with a language/framework you were not familiar with at all?

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Renan Lazarotto • Edited on

I was! On a company I worked for, I had to rewrite the website and the API that served it. The site was written using CodeIgniter and the API was written using Silex. I was tasked to rewrite both using Symfony. This was my first job as programmer, so I was 'omg what do I do now'.

I've started by rewriting the API and... it was kinda good! I had almost no problems on the process - thanks for the Symfony docs, mostly. Once I got the routing part, the rest was pretty much trivial - I reused almost all the logic since it was mostly pure PHP, nothing tied to the framework. The website gave me a bit more work to do because of Twig - I had to literally rewrite everything from scratch (minus the 3rd-party stuff, obviously) because of some really poorly-written code. But that turned out to be good too since it made me learn lots of stuff.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the most important part - I had never even heard about Symfony, CodeIgniter or Silex before I started working there. I was just getting how CodeIgniter work when I was tasked with this. Needless to say, it was scary at first, but like I said, it all turned out okay.