Should I Build It?

Brian Rinaldi on June 05, 2019

Those of us who began our coding career in the late 90's grew comfortable asking ourselves "Can I build it?" Programming, especially for the web, w... [Read Full]
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When working with people I'm surprised when some people dont think of certain ethics when developing - using api's and you are using peoples data. You have to be careful what you think should be shown of their data and have discussions about it.


I think it is hard to teach ethics especially when your from different countries with different cultures context.

Peter F Drucker tried to define it as well but in the end focus on philosophy structure than a general ethics.


I think we should acknowledge the fact that all tools may be misused. The only thing we can do is reduce the likelihood of opportunities for misuse to arise.


Should we have foreseen that this same technology would eventually enable the modern-day surveillance state?

We did, we foresaw all of of this bar the specific technologies.

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