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Discussion on: Facebook and more big tech companies are going to lean into distributed work. What is going to suck about this?

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Brian Rinaldi

I think remote work is awesome (at least for me - I know not everyone likes it). I just worry that some companies are jumping in for the wrong reasons. For instance:

  1. They will try to use this as a way to cut the pay of their employees (cough Facebook cough). I find it interesting as a remote employee generally has lower costs than an in-office person but companies often perceive remote work only as an employee benefit and thus use it to offer less money or reduce people's pay. Some even tie pay scales to where you work, which I find kind of warped given everyone is doing the same work and as the workforce is getting more mobile can lead to weird disparities.
  2. They will use it to further blur the lines between work and home, making it harder for a person to maintain a good work life balance. This is complicated by dealing with time zones and can be a tough balance even at a company doing it right, but it can be abused by where a company doesn't properly recognize the line between work time and home time.

So many major tech companies that were openly opposed to remote work up until March seem to be jumping in beyond what is required by the pandemic, but I worry not necessarily for altruistic reasons.