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Brian Rinaldi

These are both excellent options.

As others have pointed out, Forestry has a better editing UI. It isn't free but it may be free for your limited purposes.

Netlify CMS is free and open source. I've built much bigger sites with it but it is perfectly suited for something like blogging and a portfolio.

I generally go with Netlify CMS personally, mostly because I never have to worry about paying for it. The only real issue I've encountered, which may not be an issue for your purposes, is if you have a content model that would apply to a folder and subfolders. I discuss that issue in detail under the "resolving a limitation" header in this post:

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Cécile Fécherolle Author

Yes, I have checked the Forestry pricing page and their free plan seems more than enough for my use case: It'll be only me, and by choosing one solution or the other I'm just basically trying to ease up the blogging and maintenance I'll have to do in the future.

The painpoint depicted in your article is interesting, so if I were to have a sub-folder structure for contents, it would be a struggle? I'm not sure yet if that's going to be one of my use cases, because I haven't decided on the final structure of the portfolio part. To be defined!