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Discussion on: We Mailed 100,000 Stickers Around the World and Made a Million Mistakes Along the Way

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Brian Rinaldi • Edited on

Oh man, I encountered a ton of these issues myself when trying to launch the user group support program at the company I work for. On top of that, I did not know about (and therefore did not account for) the complexities of shipping things like t-shirts overseas. In some countries it was matter of filing paperwork for customs and paying import duties (in some cases these exceeded the cost of the items I shipped). This also often meant that the person on the receiving end would receive a bill for the customs fees (most would let me know and we'd pay it but some just shipped it right back). In some other cases, there were strong limitations on the import of textiles (which our box of shirts qualified as).

The sad part is that I've more or less had to cease international shipments of shirts and other swag.