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Discussion on: What was the most over-hyped software movement?

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Brian Rinaldi • Edited on

I think it is too early to judge things like Blockchain, IoT and machine learning. I think all 3 could still have huge impacts, just not in the way we initially thought they might.

If you want a proven hype vs actual, how about the rise of "rich internet applications" a decade or so ago. MS had Silverlight, Adobe had Flex, then there was JavaFX and a ton of other lesser known competitors. It was going to be the wave of the future and companies sunk millions of dollars into these applications and they disappeared almost overnight (mostly due to the rise of mobile and the iPhone especially and their inability to run on them).

Or how about hybrid mobile development? This is far from dead like rich internet apps are, but there was a time when companies like Garter and others predicted native development would fade in favor of hybrid apps. I think I remember quotes that they expected something like 80% of mobile development would be hybrid using something like PhoneGap. Companies bet big on hybrid tools around cloud builds and deployment. There still a place for hybrid apps and tools like Ionic are still hugely popular, but hybrid never quite dominated anywhere near the way it was predicted.