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Discussion on: Advice for (first time) remote workers

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Brian Rinaldi

I've been working from home pretty much full-time for about 8 or 9 years at this point. The advice others have already given about keeping a routine and separating home/work are great. It's best if you have a separate office to work in - I worked at the kitchen table in my old house and it was terrible for my back and for my ability to focus (especially once the kids got home).

As for keeping in touch with your boss and showing progress, that is largely up to the boss. I wouldn't stress on it too much as, while you are new to a fully remote team, they have been managing a fully remote team already and probably already have tools and processes in place. When I've had bosses who were not remote or used to managing remote teams, showing that I was "doing enough" was important. However, the bosses who have managed remote teams or were comfortable managing remote employees didn't need me to constantly keep them updated to know I was getting my job done.

That being said, regular 1:1s and weekly email status updates can often be helpful.

Congrats and best of luck in your new role!