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Discussion on: Want to Speak at Conferences? I'll Help Review Your CFP Submissions

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Brian Rinaldi Author

I definitely recommend starting at a local meetup. Some meetups like the one I run in Orlando have lightning talks, where you can get up and talk about anything for 5 minutes...this is a great way to "break the ice" for a new speaker.

As for the next event, it really depends on the area you focus on and what types of conferences there are. I personally wouldn't jump to a major conference as a first timer - though a lot of these conferences do make room for first time speakers. I prefer to give myself the opportunity to screw up the first time without much consequence 😉 Perhaps there are some smaller community/regional conferences in your field...those could be great first conference speaking opportunities.

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Rémi Lavedrine

Thanks for the advice.
It's true indeed to first "practice" into "smaller" conferences before jumping into the deep end.