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Discussion on: Impostor Syndrome: The Biggest Enemy to Your Progress is Your Ego

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Brian Rinaldi

Really interesting post. In some ways this seems like a very similar message to the one that Hiro Nishimura plans to talk about at this upcoming virtual meetup - basically that saying yes to things you don't feel fully ready for can help you handle imposter syndrome - similar to how you say to change your mindset and look at opportunities for growth rather than deficiencies.

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Anna J McDougall Author

Really interesting! Honestly there are so many ways you can combine ideas on this, since it is actually very complex. Overall, I'd say having a 'growth mindset' helps in a lot of areas. The standard advice I outline early on ("We all feel this way sometimes", etc.) is extremely useful in normalising the emotions and feelings of inadequacy, however I just feel there is always a next step missing from that advice. OK, we all feel that way. Now what? How do we make ourselves feel better? To me, the only way is to accept that you still have a lot to learn and get on with doing it. Reflection and acceptance are good, but there needs to be a next step!