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Hello everyone. I'm Remco Buddelmeijer from Amsterdam, Holland and I am currently a software developer for NEP Group Inc. where I mainly focus on media and broadcasting services.
I am currently in love with making microservice based applications which help the Dutch television branch. Which is gladly enough also my current job.

For the past 7-8 years, I have been a (Java) Developer where I mainly focussed on making anything that came to my mind and anything that I loved. From Minecraft (Bukkit) plugins to big applications running for corporations.

I found a couple of years ago through Twitter and loved it ever since. And I hope to enjoy this as long as possible (and mostly to help others while being here).

Currently, I am learning more about Cloud-based applications where both architecture and low-level test-oriented programming comes to mind. Working with both CI/CD and Kubernetes has been a blessing for me.
I love to write (sometimes a bit too much) and can lose track in that, which might happen here (oops).
Next to that my passion is in embedded programming where anything is possible (no matter how big).

With being 20 years of age, I am currently the youngest programmer at my company and I am very happy with what I have achieved to this day.
Feel free to ask me any questions about my experiences as a (quote on quote) "young" developer at a corporation, as I will be writing a post about this in the near future.

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