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26: Customer Care | Hug their heart

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After a fairly long break due to 'busy', we're back with an episode about 'Customer Care'. We talk about just how 'friendly' is appropriate when dealing with customers, and practically how might we draw a line.

Our 'Toolstar' is Slack, the answer to IRC in the twenty-tens. We love it and use it:

Mark's read of the week is 'A New Yorker walks into a San Francisco start up...' by Jennifer Daniel:

The tracks added are:
– 'Pinnacles' by Four Tet.
– 'We Float' by Dustin O'halloran, picked by Mark.
Playlist: http://relativepaths.uk/playlist

The music we use for various intro bits, stings and outro is 'Vitreous Detachment' by Origamibiro, used with kind permission.

- Ben

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