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Discussion on: Swifter Than DynamoDB: Lambda Store - Serverless Redis

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Rehan van der Merwe

Can you comment on the throughput? With Dynamo I can easily do 17K writes per second with OnDemand capacity. I see you have "reserved plans" which is the same as DynamoDB Reserved Capacity what will the comparison be on a spiky work load and continuous work load?

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Mattia Bianchi Author

Exact throughout (even latency) numbers depend on many factors such as instance type/cpu, network settings & bandwidth, benchmark code etc. What matters is the comparison of the numbers measured on the same (or very similar) environment and test. That's why I haven't pointed out exact throughput or latency numbers but just compared the two systems.

I haven't tested DynamoDB reserved capacity yet. That's a good point. As you said this benchmark was to test spiky load. I can work on another post comparing DynamoDB's reserved capacity to Lambda Store's reserved plan.