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Discussion on: Windows vs linux?

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Mike Harding

I found that when I tried to go to linux, my productivity screeched to a halt. Not because I couldn't figure it out or got stuck, but because I had way too much fun customizing every last inch of the desktop environment and my dotfiles. I had to go back to windows for the sake of my productivity.

Luckily with the new Windows Terminal and using WSL, I can get just enough terminal customization and linux command line features that I don't feel like I have to install linux, and I don't waste my whole week trying out new window managers and things.

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Chris McKay

I used to use Linux exclusively for a couple of years. I had the exact same problem. Change an icon here, switch this theme, move my projects to this folder, try this new distro, etc. When Windows 7 came out, I made the switch back and have been on Windows pretty much ever since. I keep checking out the latest Fedora and Ubuntu releases, but I haven't been able to bring myself to switch back.

WSL is pretty good. As soon as WSL2 is available to me, I'm switching it to for all my web development.

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Михаил Гостищев

State-of-the-art IDEs are made for Windows. I mean if you are using technologies not obsolete you are happy with Windows. And Linux makes you do a lot of extra stuff to make many tools work.

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What dev tools are these? Pretty much most tools just "work" in Linux. And speaking of IDE's I've been using Emacs for over 4 years now and I'd call it "state-of-the-art". All the popular IDE's should also have good support too. What tooling made you dislike Linux(except .NET stuff)?

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I find it a little funny that I had the absolute opposite experience.

On windows I always installed Clover or something

I always was "fighting" the system. And when the system didn't like it, it changed it itself and everything broke,

It always felt weird.

After switching to Linux (through a netinstall) I've honestly barely been bothered by any part of it. Yeah, having more games to play would be nice, but half of my steam library is supported, and those that aren't... well actually I couldn't play half of them before anyway. It's the same PC, running a different OS. That's it.