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Discussion on: Santa hat removed from VS Code

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Mike Harding • Edited on

When my mom and her siblings complained about something being unfair, my grandpa used to say to them, "The only way to be fair to everyone is to do nothing for anybody."

I think that there can be ways to include as many people as possible, but it requires people to not be offended when someone else is included or receives something, no matter who it is. In lieu of inclusion, doing nothing for anyone seems to be the best bet. VS Code can be left sterile on Microsoft's end, and maybe people can make extensions to display a Santa hat or whatever fits best with their persuasions if they want?

In this particular case, I think the person who made the request to remove the hat was being pretty hyperbolic, and it kinda ruined his validity for me. He very well may have had valid points, but it makes it hard when you have to sift through all of that.