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Discussion on: What headsets do you use when working from home? Here are my picks.

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My use case is for software engineering in a noisy environment (loud air handlers, open environment) and, while working from home, reduction of distractions. So I had to have noise cancelling headphones. No other option would do. I didn't have the budget to buy and try multiple headphones and I only had box-store availability to check fit and sound quality. After doing the research that I could, I decided on the Sony WH-1000XM3. There are better, I'm sure, but I don't have the budget to go that high. But for the price point, they have excellent noise cancelling and very good sound. They are Bluetooth 4 and aux-cable connectable and include a mic for phone or video calls. It was a good choice for me.

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I have a pair of the WH-1000's, they're pretty slick in the noise reduction category. Good choice.

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I also have those and I love them - great noise cancelling and sleek design. I got them after BOSE tried to make me deaf. :)