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Discussion on: Programming is easy!

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Kelvin Thompson

I agree, a certain quality of mindset is helpful indeed. So is learning to play with your own mind. Your typo example for instance, aggravating yes. But I've managed to trick myself into reacting like it's a quick quiz thrown at me by my cat (those alien social scientists studying us) and I go on a hunt for the hiding mouse, so to speak. I'm remembering a rogue comma right now that I recently eventually found! I play these tricks on myself in other ways to keep my mind sharp for sudden unexpected weirdnesses. Like randomly, purposefully, putting my keys into a different pocket than usual. You wouldn't believe how that'll drive you nuts, but it helps with blinders caused by routine thinking. At least, that's how I use it.

Great article, thanks. Cheers!

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Rus Kuzmin Author

Haha, that's a good take on it!

Thanks for sharing.