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No, you are too old to become a developer.
You are also too old to learn how to play music.
Or learn how to write books.
Or learn how to swim.

But, ya know, I can tell you a little bit about swimming. Heck, I might even take you to the lake and show you how to do it. It's not really that complicated, after all. I think that after a few rounds you'll be able to do it yourself.

And afterwards, maybe you can write a short paragraph about that experience, since you probably already know how to write words in English, right? Yeah, that would probably be nice.

And if you write another paragraph after that, that shouldn't really be that much more work, I think. Make it a page, just to be sure.

Tomorrow, just for giggles, maybe write about writing that page today. And the day after that, maybe write about the amazing feeling of writing two whole pages!

Wait, what? After a week or so, you now have 10 pages of writing already? Damn, dude! That's dope. Can you write 10 more?

Well, why not make it interesting? Write 20 more, but talk about what it's like to write these initial 10 pages after never writing so much before. Then send it over to me, and I'll share with you my opinion.

And after that, maybe write up what it's like to pick up a guitar from the second-hand store and just strumming for a bit. Write about the horrible sounds you produce. Write about how it feels like to be a horrible musician.

And you know how to read, right? If you can write, you can probably read. Go back to that store, and buy a guitar book. Do just the first page today. Maybe even tomorrow.

But don't forget to write all about it! You've probably got like 100 pages or something now, right? That's not that far from a book. Can you make it 200?

Anyways, back to the music. You've been reading the book? I guess so, you seem like a really persistent guy, what with all the swimming and writing you've been doing. You probably even can play a verse of some song now. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley is really nice, can you play it using the chords you know?

Probably, right? I guess so. But, wait, you kinda need a website to show off all of those new music and swimming skills, and maybe sell that book you just wrote. Feels like it. Guess what's next?

And the process repeats ad inifitum. Good for you, @Luc_C. Keep on kicking.

And to leave you guys off with a quote by one of the greats, Carmack (developer of Doom & Quake & Oculus & All things game graphics basically):

"In the information age, the barriers to entry into programming just aren't there. The barriers are self-imposed. If you want to set off and go develop some grand new thing, you don't need millions of dollars of capitalization. You need enough pizza and Diet Coke to stick in your refrigerator, a cheap PC to work on, and the dedication to go through with it. We slept on floors. We waded across rivers."

It's really that simple.

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