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I'd be happy to help you with your resume. I took a look at the one you've built. How would you like me to provide feedback?


Some high level stuff:

  • I think your overall format can be adjusted to highlight your strengths. I'd emphasize your skills and experience primarily. So drop the personal statement. I can show you examples of what I'm talking about.
  • Create a section for skills and move the skills from your experience there. Tailor that list to the job you're applying to
  • For work experience you want to emphasize the value, outcome, or impact you had, not the task you performed.
  • References - "Available upon request"

I'm happy to go into a lot more specifics. I also wrote a book on getting sw a job that covers this. I can send the chapter on resumes to you as well.


Hi, thanks so much for this. It helps a lot. I actually had to update the link to the CV because i shared the older version. Sorry. Regarding the volume, impact, I am sorry to say but most of my work life data about this was not shared in any way with the team. But i understand what you are saying and will think of a different way to say it.

It is usually tricky to start with those things. You can sometimes find things like:

  • Intended user base
  • Technical load
  • Improved quality (Defects)
  • Core business problem you solved (You have some of this already)
  • Cost reduction (Optimizing scale/load, cloud?)

Awesome points. I didn't think of that so far. Thank you!

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