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Discussion on: Is this a proper resume? Any suggestions?

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Ryan Latta

Your resume is pretty dang good. I'll offer a few pointers to improve it.

  1. It doesn't have to fit on one page. If it needs to be longer, make it longer.
  2. You have a list of skills at the very bottom, but you want that at the very top. It is the first thing people will check.
  3. If you're linking to GitHub, make sure you're presenting projects that you WANT to be judged on. Honestly, your resume reads strongly enough that you don't have to put it at all.
  4. You don't need to put that you were remote or part-time. Those details won't help a manager decide to interview you, but are good things to talk about during an interview.
  5. Tweak things based on what kind of job you are applying to. Some of your bullets may be more applicable to a job so you move it up. Same with your list of skills. Adjust and order those to match the job description and your skills.

Hope this helps. I realize the 1-page thing is controversial, so if that one you're not sure about let me know and I'll go into more detail why I say that.

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Azizul Haque Ananto Author

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! 😀

Point 5 is the ultimate solution for a perfect resume. Cause there's no ONE RESUME that can be used to apply in any kind of job. Thanks for pointing this out.

I didn't put much thought into point 4. Just shared what is true and valid. I can surely remove them. But is there any downside of putting them?

Thanks for point 3. I was not really sure about my resume is strong or ordinary. Also, the Github link can be found in my LinkedIn (attached), so I can remove it too. Thanks for pointing it out.
I will surely take skills to the top.

Now the ultimate part. ONE PAGE RESUME. My first resume was 3 pages long with all my projects and everything. But I just followed resumeworded's suggestion to keep the resume in 1-page for mid-level devs 😶 And the ATS can parse 1-page easily? 😅 Please share your valuable thought on this.

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Ryan Latta

Apologies for the late response!

Ok, the one page thing. Yes many companies use ATS software, but what is really important to note about this software is that it doesn't make decisions on behalf of humans. So ATS software won't be the reason you get an interview or not, it'll be a person. Keywords are one of the easier things these tools pick up, so by having a dedicated skill section first you already are doing a good job letting ATS do its job. Past that, optimize for humans reading your resume. That means if you need more than one page to show off your best stuff, add another page.