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Patricia Joanne

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User Interface Design Project

This project is far from my expectation but I was proud I could give my best here. Should I be proud to myself for being the MVP in this project?

I still want to thank everyone in this group even though they didn’t give a lot of efforts as much as I gave. Thank you Alif for giving supports for the hosting and making promotional poster. Thank you Rezy for making a very awesome tutorial video. Thank you Fariz for helping me finishing the heuristic evaluations. And last, thank you Tasya for giving me motivations to make the website and the report by myself.

I really in love-hate thoughts with them. I hated that everyone in the team almost never responded my chats in the group chat. I hated that everyone in the team was relying me doing this project alone. They said they didn’t understand about Moodle. So do I, dude. I learned everything by myself from noob to expert.

The motive of this project was redesigning our e-learning website named My team contained Alif, Rezy, Fariz, Tasya, and me. That team was made randomly by Eko as the class representative. We named our team COMEL because we had Fariz who owned a bread selling business named Comel. This project was separated in 5 sprints which was based on User Centered Design method. The first sprint was doing user requirement. Everyone helped me so much getting a lot of respondents about cs-learning and finishing the sprint report.

The next sprint was doing designs. Since there were already me and Rezy which were an expert in designs so only both of us who made it. Actually, I wanted others to help the sprint report but I didn’t get any responds from them. This was when everyone started to ignore this project. We got a lot of organization and committee jobs so we couldn’t focus on campus projects. I was lucky I still could manage my time to do everything very well. I even helped other teams to finish their sprint reports.

The third sprint was prototyping. Nobody helped me because coding in Moodle was new for everyone, AND me too. We made it locally at first using offline Moodle. In this sprint I had a big issue because I couldn’t launch the offline Moodle in my laptop so I borrowed Senior Ojan’s old laptop to finish this sprint.

In the same sprint, we also had to deploy it online. I asked Alif to pay the hosting because I didn’t have an e-banking. Actually, I want everyone pay too but Alif was being too generous and he didn’t want any pay back. WARNING FOR EVERYONE: LOCAL MOODLE IS USELESS. All efforts I gave to the offline Moodle was useless. I still had to make it from 0 in the online Moodle. Thanks to Senior Dimas for teaching me how to deploy a Moodle website.

The forth sprint was doing usability testing and heuristic evaluations. Thanks to all my team members except Tasya for giving me back my trust that you guys could be a help. Especially for Fariz because he helped a lot in this sprint. During the time of this sprint, I helped some teams too to finish their projects because they were hopeless with this project. At that time, I realized there were a lot of people who didn’t care about this project.

The final sprint was doing refinement. The point of this sprint was finishing the final report, making a promotional poster and tutorial video, and also fixing the Moodle website based on the evaluations we did on previous sprint. During the time of this sprint I still couldn’t sleep because I was worried about others. There was lights out on the night before the presentation. I visited Alif and Rezy who made the poster and the video to check them out.

I was almost hopeless because I was the first team who had to present our project OMG but finally we could make it. Ah damn, we didn’t give our best in the presentation because I didn’t give a lot of guides for them to say. In the end of the presentation, we were asked to fill a survey about User Interface Design subject and our thoughts about other team members. I was too stupid because I followed my ego to give my team members the real score based on their efforts. I thought that was the reason my team wasn’t the winner of this project competition. The winner was from class B which was contained the best and diligent people in the class. For fact, that class made their own teams not randomly chosen like my class. Choosing team members randomly was never a good idea since we only wanted to work with people we liked. I still couldn’t blame that reason because if the people didn’t want to work then it was no used whether it was randomly chosen or made by ourselves.

Ah yes I forgot to share my project. Check it out in my Github here. Seriously, uploading that project is very hard because the files were too big.

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