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Know That Computers Are Stupid And You Are Intelligent, Not The Other Way Around!

realanitaolsen profile image Anita Olsen Originally published at on ・1 min read

I originally intended to study C++. I made a brave attempt as I came halway in my thick "Learn C++" book. Several popup windows were made until I got stuck, big time without being able to make further progress, so that went down the drain.

A few years later, I decided to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript from the suggestions of several well-meaning people, as they could be good to have under my belt as an aspiring Software Programmer, then Python and C++ (as well as others as I go along). But then I became impatient (and too curious), and went for Python instead of JavaScript as I felt bored with JavaScript, and I want to be a programmer making games and software for people for fun, education and profit (Yes, I do know that one can also make games with JavaScript, but it JavaScript does not feel like the right thing for me at the moment).

I heard that Python is an easy programming language to learn (that is so much needed after my experience with C++!), and after been studying Python for a little as I have done know, I can say that I like it so far! I heard about Swift the other day (which is also easy to learn and excellent to make apps for the iOS with!), that made me curious about learning that language as well. My new path looks like this: HTML, CSS, Python, C++ and Swift!


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