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In 1995, Javascript was used to build dynamic interactive web pages. Animations and Interactive Components on the client side were build using Javascript.
Over the next whole decade, the use of javascript remained the same until 2009, when a software engineer named Ryan Dahl invented a new way to run javascript on Server Side. He introduced Node.js to the development world. At first, people didn’t realize the magic of running javascript on the server side, they started ignoring it but later in 2010, Isaac Z. Schlueter invented npm (node package manager) which was purely written in Javascript. People started moving towards Javascript.


Google launched AngularJS and JAVASCRIPT WAS THE TALK OF THE HOUR.
Everyone started using it and many other javascript frameworks were built like Node.js. After that, the community of javascript increased drastically and learning frameworks became a trend. With the introduction of Typescript, CoffeeScript in the web development, the area of javascript expanded from web browser to native mobile and desktop applications.
Top Front End Javascript Frameworks

Server Side Javascript Framework

With the fast evolution of the javascript world, it is becoming hard for developers to opt for the correct technology. But the one that I have mentioned are the ones that are not going anywhere, they are here at least for a decade.

Fun fact: Javascript was written in 10 days in 1995. Cheers!

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