How much does it cost to create a mobile application like TikTok?

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The cost of developing a mobile application depends upon several factors

1) What type of app are you building?
2) Do people have to log in?
3) Do people create personal profiles?
4) How will you make money from your app?
5) Do people rate or review things?
6) How nice should your app look?
7) Does your app need to connect with your website?
8) Does it supports Google/Apple Maps
9) OTP Authentication / Passwordless Authentication
10) Server Cost
11) Maintenance Cost



I have been using this app for one year, so I am quite known to all the features.

So to develop an app with such features,

Android App: $85,950

iOS App : $89,100

Estimated price for Web App, iOS App, Android App


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There are many websites that calculate the total cost of building an app on the basis of added features.