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re: ember-cli-babel (used in ember apps and addons): i.imgur.com/oJDOJkw.png vue i.imgur.com/Snz93vL.png react i.imgur.com/RitXIox.png they are ...

I think the better source to quote is Laurie Voss, CTO of npm, giving a speech at JSConf US specifically saying that Ember is having a resurgence 😂

Here is the link: youtu.be/mSQh0gcDXkc?t=1237

I included the time in the link but I would highly recommend watching the whole video 🎉

Yeah i watched the video after Preston mentioned it in his comments. Looks like NPM stats and StateOfJs are saying the opposite. That might probably change when 2019 results are out. But i do concede, NPM stats are undoubtedly a reliable source. By the end of 2019 it would be clear if Ember can sustain the newfound growth or not. The more i researched on this after discussion with Preston i keep getting contradictory analysis. But ember showing resurgence in early 2018 looks indelible. I should tweak the article to mention that fact.

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