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Thanks Martin, nicely put together. Do you happen to know how to deal with errors from eslint when linting files in folders beginning/ending with double underscores? like __ mocks __ (spaces added to avoid markdown formatting) ? I see errors like these and can't see a way around it:

ESLint: 6.1.0.

No files matching the pattern "./src/mocks" were found.
Please check for typing mistakes in the pattern.


Im not martin but maybe your shell treats it like special characters. Try escape those.


Ah ha - changing from

"lint": "eslint --fix ./src/*"


"lint": "eslint --fix './src/*/'"

sorted it. Cheers

(I use zsh)

Hey Ross! Really sorry I missed your comment but glad you got it sorted out - I think escaping it is definitely the way to go, apologies for missing that out in my post.

I will update accordingly, I massively appreciate you letting me know!

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