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Discussion on: Do you have a side project? Talk about it!

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Razvan Ilin

Employed as a Software Engineer, but as you mentioned, we also like our side-projects. 😀

I'm working on a platform that connects directly to data sources and then allows you to create charts to visualize your data. The data sources that are supported at the moment are JSON APIs, MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
It's actually an open-source project so everybody can contribute and self-host it for free, but it also works as a SaaS platform if people don't want to bother setting it up themselves.

I'm quite passionate about data and coming up with ways to visualize it, hence the drive to work on a project. The platform uses NodeJS with ExpressJS in the backend. For managing the data, I'm using the Sequelize ORM with MySQL, but planning on supporting PostgreSQL at some point soon as well. On the front-end side, I'm using React with Redux as the state manager. The project was started before the introduction of React hooks, so it's not yet migrated to that (and I'm not sure that will happen since it will take too much time to do it).

The main website here
The GitHub repo