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re: I agree, and would add that this is not a fair comparison as both Browserstack and Saucelabs offer no test creation tools. Endtest is more akin to ...

Hi Dan,

I see you just created your account here on DEV Community.

We had to find a solution for both Web and Mobile that would provide a cross-browser cloud.

We specifically needed browsers on Windows and Mac OS.

That was one of the most important requirements and it was not optional.

We would have been ok with creating our own tests with Selenium and Appium, that is why we did not exclude BrowserStack and Sauce Labs.

The "codeless" requirement was optional.

We did take TestCraft into consideration.

But it got disqualified due to the following issues:
• The lack of transparent pricing
• No support for mobile apps
• No clear answer if browsers are actually on Linux machines
• Customer Support was slow to reply

We also tried the other solutions that you mentioned, but they were also disqualified.

We researched over 30 solutions.

Without the information you have just added the article appears to suggest you only considered the 3 mentioned. If you had begun with an explanation of the process and that out of the many available these are your top three, I think people would have responded more positively.

BTW: I have just created my account, because this is the first article I felt I wanted to comment on. Why did you feel the need to mention that?

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