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re: So we're capturing errors that would otherwise be sent to console.log and . . . printing them to console.log? I'm not sure I can it error handling!...

So that's a good point. I didn't actually show doing something useful with the error capturing. My main point for this article was that aspect though - how to recognize errors from a Vue app. What you do then is... well up to you. In a normal case I'd assume you would show something to the user in a friendly, non-technical manner.


I really doubt that you'd want to show something specific to the user. I can agree that a generic "something went wrong" message will help, but it's not the user's concern that some variable was not found or that a render failed. One more use case I can think of is error logging to a database based on type of error, but I again wonder how useful past errors are going to be.

You wouldn't show something to the user? Well you said "specific", but to be clear, I said to tell the user something "friendly, non-technical". I think we're saying the same thing though. :)

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