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Instead of a software key, many old games required you to own the docs and would reference them in game as a way to ensure you hadn't stolen the game. Ie, go to page X line Y and type in the word.

Yep - don't miss that at all.


I remember this in Prince of Persia on a Macintosh LCII in middle School. Not having the instructions, we'd guess. Occasionally we'd get it right.


Although to be fair, some of the stuff you got in games in the old days were incredible, especially Infocom.


Oh yes. This brings back memories.
And sometimes docs were printed with light green ink on dark green background to make them impossible to photocopy.
This was, of course, before the wide spread of scanners and cheap color copiers.


You've just taken me 25 years back!
Paging through the documentation to find the right word (and probably copied the documentation too...)


Omg. I forgot about that! Yes.

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