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Test Management plugins to be Integrated with Jira

ray_parker01 profile image Ray Parker ・3 min read

A reliable test management strategy is required if you want your product to be flawless. Most of the organizations work around some management tools, which helps them to keep their team members coordinated with each other. All those organizations which have been using Jira for task management or product development can now link it with a quality control plugin, which allows them to fulfill all the activities while staying on the same system.

Most of the companies prefer to extend the functionalities of one tool to meet their all work requirements rather than using different tools for every purpose. Time to manage the tests in the same instance while working around project management, it is the smart move and need of the time too.

Why consider Jira for the test management activities?

  • New infrastructure won’t be required.
  • Need not to implement new tools for different purposes.
  • Ideal case for Agile teams
  • Jira ecosystem allows interdisciplinary teams to thrive ultimately.

5 Best Jira Test Management Tools
There is a list of tools that can be configured with Jira and serve as the Jira test management tools. If you are looking for the best choices, then consider the below-mentioned options:

This tool comes with a list of amazing features, which makes it easy for you to execute a function in a way that you manage things effectively while choosing among the multiple tools. Third-party integration of this tool assists you to perform meaningful actions such as custom reports, custom notifications, team collaboration, along with quick releases and usage of powerful CI tools.
This test management tool is automated through selenium, which incorporates input-driven scripts and requires minimum intervention by humans. It also allows us to generate customized reports in automated scenarios. Not only this, but its integration with Jira also enables you to create issues and name them easily.

If you are planning to do test management and planning through Jira, then considering TestFlo for this job would be an ideal choice. It is also regarded as a flexible option, among other Jira test management tools.

This plugin allows you to do requirement testing along with complete requirement testing. You can quickly obtain detailed reports about test cases and test defects. Its updated features also help you to analyze multiple tasks at the same time. You can also set up a separate board in Jira, which will only be dedicated to testing.

Its integration with Jira gives you the power to write, execute, and manage test cases in one place. Agile and DevOps teams can avail complete capabilities regarding test case management, which work with Jira.

This tool is not only limited as a component that can be linked with Jira, but in fact, it also works successfully as an architecturally independent platform. Having Improved UI and extended set of features, it provides ALM experience to the teams working in Agile or BM capacity. It also makes it convenient to document the test cases and work around advanced reporting gadgets.

Currently, Jira is the only management tool that is highly used all over the world, so most of the companies work around providing solutions where testers can smoothly perform their duties while staying in a similar management system.
This tool is built to provide continuous and updated testing solutions to the testers working on the enterprise level. Its real-time integration works faster to gear up teams and to release issues in a tracked and organized way. It also allows you to follow projects in a smart and scalable way.

TestRail can easily integrate with dozens of tools, and Jira being one of them. It can smoothly integrate with Jira Server, Data Center, or its Cloud. This system can be tested easily; it offers free services on a trial basis for a limited amount of time. This test case management allows you to boost software testing in a scalable and customizable way. Its informative and detailed dashboard also gives it an edge in issue tracking. This integration with Jira is suitable for all teams regardless of their size.

Key Takeaway
It is important to note that Jira made its mark in all these years and is considered as one of the most influential platforms regarding project management. It also lends itself to be converted into test management tools, and numerous platforms work around this integration opportunity. These five plugins have been used widely.

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