Benefits of Issue Tracking Tools in Agile Environment

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The cycle for the issue tracking generally begins when the customer provides their criticism to the company and registers their complaints related to the software application, and it ends when the customer queries have been addressed and they leave their feedback for the support that they received. The role of an efficient issue tracking tool is to ascertain that the whole cycle from beginning to end is seamless and without any glitches. With this tool at their disposal, the managers can easily make the process smooth, defect-free, and ensure that all stakeholders involved in the whole process are on the same page.

An issue tracking system is especially suited to the evolving needs of the companies in the trending agile environment. In simpler terms, it is a multi-channel system that collects information in the form of tickets from different sources and adds them in one tab in an organized manner for better presentation and visualization. This helps the agents and members who have vested interest in the project to closely monitor all issues and problems, and respond to them in a timely. The more advanced features and aspects of the issue tracking tools which include a customizable dashboard, interactive interface, and advanced search and filter option allow the teams to triage and prioritize issues accordingly. This way they are able to target their testing and developmental efforts where they are most required and save time as well. One of the most important capabilities of this system is that it is easily able to integrate and sync with many other tools that are utilized for the quality assurance process.

Some of the channels and sources which are well integrated in the issue tracking system include;

Emails – all the emails regarding the project can be accessed through this tool which combines everything in one easy-to-manage tab. This is especially useful when the team size is large and there are several email addresses.

Live chat – through this feature, the issue tracking software empowers the customers to connect with the agents direct and contact them anytime so that they can receive personalized help regarding their issues. If the problem is more severe and requires more attention, then the customers are able to convert their query into a ticket in a span of seconds with a few clicks.

Webform – a customizable web form widget is embedded into the website so that the customers can add details about their problems and actually submit their questions and queries as tickets into the system.

Social media – as the issue tracking software becomes more sophisticated and advanced in the face of increasing customer demands, they enable the agents to address the customer complaints through their social media accounts with just a few clicks. Keyword alerts can be added to the system so that the company agents can post on social media or reply to customers on their Facebook or Twitter. Consequently, new avenues for the company are opened as they have more than one touchpoint to reach customers and interact with them.

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