9 Types of Software Testing

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Testing is a process of finding and fixing the errors of a software. the main aim is to make software error-free and perform well. The successful testing removes all the errors from the software. Majority of the companies employ software testing tools to fix all the errors.
Some major principles of testing encompass:
• The tests must meet customer requirements
• To create software, testing must be performed by the third party.
• It is not possible to perform exhaustive testing because we require optimal amount testing based on risk assessment of the app. Tests should be conducted must be planned prior to the implementation
• There is a Pareto rule according to which eighty percent of errors come from twenty percent of program components.
• Always begin testing with smaller parts and extend it to the bigger parts.
Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you the list of 9 software testing types.

1. Unit Testing
This is the most commonly used type of testing. It concentrates on the smallest unit of software design. In this, we test a single unit or group interrelated units. It is frequently done by the programmers by utilizing input and detecting its corresponding outputs.

2. Integration Testing
The main aim is to take a unit tested component and create a program framework that has been told by the design. It is the sort of testing in which a group of components is united to generate output.

3. Performance Testing
It is created in a way so that it could test the run-time performance of software in the setting of an integrated system. It is utilized to test the effectiveness and speed of the program.

4. Regression Testing
With the addition of the latest model, there is a change in the program. This sort of testing guarantees that the entire component functions appropriately even after adding components to the entire program.

5. Smoke Testing
This test is conducted to guarantee that the software being tested is stable or ready for further testing. It is referred to as smoke because the initial test pass is completed to check if it smokes in the initial switch or did not catch the fire.

6. Alpha Testing
This is a sort of validation testing and acceptance testing which is done prior to the product release to customers. It is actually done by the QA resources.

7. Beta Testing
The beta tests are done by the end-users of the software at one or more customer sites. This sort of version is released for some users for testing in a real-time environment.

8. System Testing
In system testing, the software is tested in a way that it functions fine for various operating systems. This comes under a black box testing method. In this, we can just concentrate on the required output and input without focusing on inner working. Performance testing, stress testing, recovery testing, and security testing come under this type of testing.

9. Stress Testing
Under this testing, we can give unfavorable conditions to the system and see the way they perform in those conditions.

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