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re: Well, after reviewed the experience and trajectory of Andrei Neagoie, I can say he has that kind of mastery of the things they talk about. And rega...

Yeah, I don’t judge the author! I mean that there’s this trend that implies that, to be a web developer (or frontend, backend, etc.) you need to know a tree of technologies with infinite branches.

The reality for lots of us is that we are going to stick to a tech stack, easily, for 2-3 years.

And I won’t talk about consulting or big companies, where you usually work developing and mantaining legacy solutions.

My two cents: It’s ok to now what comes out, updates, whatever. But it’s a lot more valuable to develop truly deep expertise in a specific stack that jump over any new framework or library.

You are going to be a lot more valuable if you are an ace in i.e. MEAN or MERN stack, than knowing how to do a slightly complex hello world in 8 trendy new tools.

Sure!! To be honest, after almost 7 years as Developer in (Back, Front and Mobile) the most important thing I've learned is:

We need to focus in the fundaments and get knowledge for the long term.

It does not make sense, learn every framework, library, trend, and fall in the "fatigue". Because one more time, time is limited, and we should use it wisely.

Nice comment @roberto ! 💪🏼

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