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Discussion on: Do you own a domain name without a purpose? Let me give you a project for it!

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Aditya Rawas

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InHuOfficial Author • Edited on
  • A git guide where you can fill in a few project details and it supplies all of the command line snippets you might need with a one click copy function to make life easier. (pretty obvious answer - sorry! lol)
  • Angry Men showcase site, where people who are being "gits" for no reason are shamed for their outrageous behaviour.
  • Git comparison site - There are hundreds of version control systems, you become the number one resource for comparing features, costs etc.
  • Crappy code - you explore GitHub and find some random repos that contain horrendous or puzzling code and share it with the world (without attribution probably to avoid lots of internet arguments and looking like a git!)!