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Discussion on: Django - How to keep secrets safe with python-dotenv

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Ravi Krishnappa

Thanks Hannah. Ideally, this should've been part of basic Django tutorials.

I notice you are a great Django fan. I was but recently studying JavaScript based web application platforms. I'm curious to see whether newer platforms are elegant. If you have done some experiments in non-Django platforms, please share

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Hannah Author

Hello, Thanks for the comment. Yes, it's a basic Django tutorial but I put it here since it's part of my ongoing series for the registration/login app.

I can't really say much about the newest platforms that are available since I don't have experience with them although I did some web development with PHP.

You are right, with all the different platforms available for web development it might be a bit overwhelming to choose one but I think it all comes down to which one is tailored to your specific need. The one that is elegant is the platform that suits your needs (In my opinion), so do some research and see which one you should use for a particular case and which one you should not.