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Discussion on: If/Else and Specificity: Understanding "FizzBuzz"

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This solution is great to optimize the code.
However in the real world, next week some non-tech person is gonna come in and go "When it's divisible by 3 i also want you to display "pop" and "pizzaz" if it's divisible by 4"

At that point the final optimization becomes a hindrance, so the second version of the code is better to work with.

This happens in real world situations ALL the time.
A lot of framework devs don't take this into consideration and over-optimize the code unnecessarily leading to headaches for their future selves, or worse, for the poor sucker who has to take over their code in a year to apply new changes.

I suppose the lesson is: Optimize, only as far as you need to to gain the performance expected. Anything more, might come back to haunt you.

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Cat Author

Great advice. Definitely need to keep scalability in mind. I added the correction to the article. Thanks so much for sharing!